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God wants you to be rich and achieve success.

Did you know that the Bible speaks positively about your spirit, wealth, and money? God wants you to be rich and successful and has already paved the way for you, and in you, to achieve divine prosperity and material wealth. But religion would have you believe otherwise. What does being wealthy truly mean, and how can you achieve external wealth without forfeiting your life and merely chasing the dollar?

The Way of the Profit: Build Material Wealth Through Your Spiritual Self is the self-help book for entrepreneurs, spiritual beginners, and leaders looking to enhance their earthly prosperity by first understanding and accessing their God-given spiritual wealth instead of compromising it.

In this insightful guide, business coach and Christian counselor Daniel Tezeno offers wisdom, personal testimony, and expert advice based on his experience of living a life that is an inspiration, both spirit-rich and full of financial success—and explains how the two are not mutually exclusive.

In these chapters, you’ll learn:


What God and the Bible really have to say about money

How to increase it, and how to get out of debt now.


The interconnection between wealth, finances

And our divine power and inner purpose.

God wants you to be rich and achieve success.


How not to miss out on our highest spiritual selves

But invest in our true wealth.


Key principles for applying practical spiritual law

To real life and achieving results.

By modeling a simple financial plan backed in biblical teachings, this spirit-led guide to a wealthy (and happy!) life will show you how to access and enjoy the divine prosperity that God has embedded in each of us—by simply investing in Him.

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